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Thread: OT Somewhat- Mower Blades

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    Keep in mind when altering mower blades that stress risers from cuts or cold working can cause cracks to propagate. Blades are not closely inspected frequently so it can get bad before it is finally noticed. The suggestion is to check frequently after altering the high lift blades till you are sure that they are OK. Alternately, just buy new blades.

    At the end of the project, there is a profound difference between spare parts and extra parts.

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    I had to change the blade out on my 19" Lawnboy because it was plugging up all the time in high dense grass in my back yard that it used to sail through. I've kept the blade sharp and one day when I happened to see some blades in Peavey Mart I noticed the upsweep on them was much more than on my 30 year old original blade. It occurred to me that might make a difference. I bought one that was same right size at a 50% discount and had to drill two holes in it to make it fit the Lawnboy holder. It was too hard for HSS bits and I had to use a carbide drill bit and cutting tool to bore them out to finish size. Once I had it installed it was a night and day more plugging. I figured the upsweep on my original blade had gradually been worn down by sucking up sand from my front lawn (crappy soil) to the point of where it was just not creating enough fan effect. As true temper noted, the sound the blade made was very noticeably increased.

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