I have brought this subject up before with out any final conclusions but I have dug the hole deeper.

When I drill small holes, under 1/16" or so, the holes NEVER end up where I want them IE: in the center between to edges etc., so I did some additional testing. If I need a 1/32" hole right in the middle of a square or round bar they inevitably come out 5 to 10 thou off center now if I use an end mill to drill the hole they will be within 1 to 2 thou of the center. I consider that acceptable with my cheap Chinese mill, cheap Chinese collets and cheap "unknown" end mills all of which could be considered to be of questionable accuracy (maybe better then I thought).

So it would seen that the problem is using drill bits. I always use a spot drill or a center drill (for small holes) thinking that it would place the holes where I want them to be. Apparently not so. Some times the center drill/spot drill holes have a pip in the middle but not always. The question is how do you guys get holes to come out on or near the place you want or in other words how do I get the damn drill bits to go straight.

P.S. I always peck drill, which is suppose to help, the holes to stop the bits from bending instead of driving them down with all my strength.