Neighbor came over last week with his latest emergency project for the company he works for. He needed some washers of a precise ID & OD made from some tough material.

I first made a slitted sleeve of thin-wall alum tubing to hold them by the OD in the 4 jaw. Then an acetal plug was turned to the OD size of the washers to help hold them straight while the chuck was final tightened & the ID dialed in.

I then used a conical fitting in the tailstock live center to help align the washers & press them hard against the acetal plug as the chuck was final tightened & dialed in.

The ID was then bored to the specified .430” +.001/-0”.

A mandrel was turned to be a snug fit to the washers' ID & dialed in before they were clamped in place with a 5/16” bolt. The OD was then turned to the specified 1.110”.

Earlier I mentioned the washers he brought were made of tough stuff but unfortunately I didn’t get a picture of the bluish mass of SHARP steel wool that was stuck hard to the OD after the finish pass. Fortunately it cleaned up well with a few strokes of a fine file. It’s funny how the ID cut OK but the OD sucked. SFM I guess.