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Thread: Is it OK to post OT (on topic) machining stuff?

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    While we are on the topic of washers, has anyone ever cut a small recess on the tips their lathe jaws to hold washers? I have one chuck with serrations across the jaws every 1/4" or so and I sometimes am able to get thin washers to wedge into the serrations to hold them square but it's a PITA to change chucks just to bore out one washer and if it's not thin, the serrations don't work.
    Would work OK if you have extra set of soft jaws. I Wouldn't necessarily bore my normal jaws.

    In OP's case I would have most probably just use the serrations in the jaws or swap to OD jaws if they have suitable gripping location. But I like the "mass production" approach for the boring job nonetheless.
    Jobs like these would be yet another reason to complete my adjustable spindle bore stop..
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