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Thread: Electronic component availability post got me thinking.

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    Your mention of the R390 brought back memories of the Navy and my days as an ET
    I got one in the shop one day and the horrendously messy gear and chain system was destroyed and they needed it fixed before the ship left for Vietnam.

    Turned out the radioman was changing frequency with a hand drill attached to the shaft for the main tuning knob - never did find out what they did to him
    Managed to cob something together out of spare parts and an old unit and sent them on their way.

    Probably have fifty old 7400 series IC's in boxes. I rounded up all my old tubes and donated them to my Ham Radio club a while back.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 6PTsocket View Post
    When It comes to Collins, I think of the military R390 that had chain driven tuning of all the coils. What a beast.
    Back when I was assisting the California National Guard in keeping the crap electronics we were given (the modern stuff all went to Vietnam) operating, I had the dubious pleasure of trying to make some of the many R390s in the repair pile come back to life.

    What a mess to work on - of course, being Collins, the electronics were first class engineering. It was the misbegotten mechanical lashup that was such a headache. The R-392s (compact version for Jeep installations) were worse. Much worse.

    Electronically the R390 was similar to my 51J-4.

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