Got out of bed this AM and went into the bathroom. While I'm in there I smell something like cat spray. It's pretty strong by the window, and I can smell it elsewhere in the house but not as strongly. Funny thing is I had a dream last night about having a cat spray on my outside door to mark territory. I check, and there's no evidence of that, and no smell around the doors- or on my shoes or pantlegs, etc. Anyway, since I can't find it I just carry on- got some breaky and coffee in me and then continue on a project that has me using JB Weld to assemble it. As I'm squeezing out the equal portions I get a whiff of the components- bingo! In particular the white component smells like cat spray. Before bed last night I laid up some of the parts and disposed of the mixing pallet in the garbage can in the bathroom. That's where the smell was strongest this morning, near the garbage can. I didn't stick my face right in there because- well who would actually choose to sniff around that kind of thing? Nobody I know, myself included.

So it's almost certain that the smell was coming from the epoxy. That has to mean that it's outputting some aromatic particles or gasses, even when fully mixed, or perhaps especially after having been mixed. I know some people who would be going straight to the hospital after one whiff of anything like this. It doesn't bother me at all (that I know of) but it can't be good for a person. How dangerous can this be- or is it dangerous at all? How do the various 'open' glues, epoxies, paints, solvents etc compare as far as 'toxicity'?