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Thread: O.T. old chainsaw restoration and a mystery problem

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    My only complaint was that he went to bed earlier than i did lol so instead of getting my one spark related question answered things were still left wide open - so ok maybe a times i toss it out to the subconscious and wake up with the answer, so this morning I wake up and go "hmmm think I may have something - he had a major ring ridge in the cylinder bore and did not initially see it and also could not effectively remove it due to the head being a one piece with the jug so by lowering the jug cracked the comprendo ring right off the bat and yet it still functions when the engines cooler and the air is dense yet once warm the volumetric efficiency drops enough to where the piston is most of the seal and does not get the job done by just the low speed pulling,,, then I go "ahhh fuqe" he said it starts back up within the first few moments after shut down"

    see what a detailed slippery slope this all can be? lol

    I do like the way my subconscious talks to me though - but it's not invincible - it skips important details every now and then...

    but as hairbrain as some of it may sound - it had the basic theme correct - the raising the comprendo was the only "wild card" we really had - and whatever the problem is - it's related to it...

    Edit; got to thinking about this even more today and the raising of the compression ratio might have just been one of the more obvious of the reasons that this borderline situation occurred, He stated the ring was piss poor and worn to the extreme - so possibly either OR both contributed to the plug not firing under compression as the worn ring would decrease effective compression ratio so replacing it would increase it just like re-shimming the jug...
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