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Well as you can see the camera does not lie this time .
These pics were taken after I spent three hours pressure washing it...the same day that I unloaded it ...sorry I held back ...but wanted to draw it out a bit, to tease you all
Amazingly all the paint come off...revealing almost pristine original manufacturors paint, got the rest off with scrapers made from broken bits of perspex (plexiglass).
The electrics were dismantled and dried out afterwards.
For the past 5 or 6 days I've been touching the paint up ....the machine now is aproaching "as-new-looks"
I've cleaned the tank and added new hydrualic oil, the table is off and you can still see the frosting on 90% of the ways
I've put about only ten hours into it so far....with only another five to go before its finished.
There will be more pics in a few days when the next stage is complete

Not bad for a machine that is forty years old


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