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Thread: Repairing patio door glass seal

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    Default Repairing patio door glass seal

    Anyone successfully repaired and cleaned a leaky, foggy double pane glass unit?

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    I’ve tried, you can get the condensation out, drill spacer top and bottom, blow argon through while heating to evaporate the water, but it will return unless the desiccant is renewed.
    Works out cheaper to replace the unit unless there are remanufacturers close by who split it clean the glass and remake.
    ( inadvertently I worked for alusuisse when we first used inert gas filling, argon that is in 1979, the vacuum dodah was broke so we purged the units)
    There are firms about that will try to repair onsite but success is not that great, there’s usually a white silica sublimate inside that’s annoying

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    Years ago I looked into it but wound up going to a custom glass shop and having them make a replacement.

    The only idea I saw that made sense was to:

    1 - take a cutting wire and work it back and forth to cut one piece of glass off of the metal track.

    2 - clean off the residue on the inside of both panes. Perhaps lay in some desicant along the bottom.

    3 - lay down a bead of caulk and reattach the pane.

    4 - once the caulk has cured, drill one hole at the bottom and one at the top. Set the pane back to mostly vertical and inject argon into the bottom hole slowly until it comes out the top (it will extinguish a lit match) and caulk the holes. If you don't have access to argon you might be able to use helium from a party store but that will have to be injected into the top hole since helium is lighter than air.

    If you try that, let us know how it works out.
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    Some glass companies will "dry", refill with argon and reseal. Might be smart to make a few call before trying a DIY.

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    If the original seal is leaking then it's just going to continue to leak after something like above method is used, it sucks as I have a huge window like that but then again that's why i got it for 60 bucks in the first place and it really does not bother me.

    Argon or not it's in the heating and cooling cycles that re-introduce air/humidity back in to start the entire process all over again...

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