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What's wrong with hand feeding? From all the threads about knurling I've read I get roughly the same percentage of success as anyone. Yet I've never used the feed for a knurling job.

For small parts I just brush on a good dollop of cutting oil to keep things lubricated. For bigger jobs I use a small plastic baby food plate from the dollar store and a squeeze bottle of oil or water based cutting fluid to flush the wheels. The dish catches most of the runoff instead of it running into the chip tray and making an even stickier and gooey mess than it usually is.
If you have 24 parts with a 22" long knurl on them this will make for a long day or 2 if hand feeding.
.010" feed at 90 Rpm is .9 inches per minute or 19.8 minutes per part for 22", X 24 parts = 7.9 hours of cranking the handle (-:

One will rapidly grow weary of this on a machine that has a +500 Lb carriage, the lathe that I used in the photos above has an electric motor in the apron that operates a rapid feed feature. After the cut at the feed rate just retract the tool and place the feed direction lever in the towards the tail stock position and press the button. Be aware that if the lathe has protruding handles on the hand wheels this will rip your kneecaps off if you stand to close.