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Thread: New Craftsman Hand Tools

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    Quote Originally Posted by wierdscience View Post
    Here is what I have seen as the best bang for the buck-

    Sockets and ratchets,Genius tools,Tekton and Sunex.All made for the most part in Taiwan,good fit and finish and durability-

    Some of Tekton's items are US made and branded with thier logo.

    For items that will see heavy use,I still prefer stuff from the Wright Tool company,it's just worth the money IMO-

    Pliers,especially snap ring pliers that have to be great to last any time,I go with Knipex,simply the best IMO

    Hex and Torx also need to be great,the best in my experience come from Bondhus.I have some folding sets that have been in daily use for 15 years plus and they are still going strong.

    Hammers,Estwing and Vaughn,both make good quality ball pein and soft face hammers.Estwing recently came out with a deadblow hammer that I am liking a lot.

    Pin punches,made in China,but suprisingly good,they put General and Starrett pin punches to shame.Comes with a decent center punch as well that works well after a regrind-

    Tekton has a US made set of pin punches that feature the plain ends and the ends with the centering tit for roll pins.I have one in my personal set and they are worth the money IMO.
    Thats a pretty good list. Many I knew about and some I did not. thanks. JR
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ringo View Post
    So far, I'm glad to see no comment nor comparison to Snap-On.
    I'm not a fan either,the only thing they made that I really did like were those double end offset box wrenches with the really thin sidewalls.Those were really great and getting into tight bot reliefs.

    The Snap on ratchets I had were horrible.We used to call them "coke bottle" ratchets,they wre shaped like a coke bottle and brittle as glass
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    There is one Snap-On screwdriver that is the best one I have used at the specific task of tightening screws in the "eurostyle" terminal strips.

    That is the only Snap-Om tool I would go out of my way to get. I have one and it is getting worn.... I'd buy another.

    I've had or used a few other S-O tools from time to time, and have never seen anything worth paying extra for. In some cases, I did not like the S-O tool as well as others I had, including Craftsman.

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    Default I'll second that

    Quote Originally Posted by reggie_obe View Post
    Produce a 1/4 drive ratchet that doesn't strip in normal use. (No cheater bar on handle, not using large 3/8" sockets with an adapter, etc.)
    ...and, reverse direction while it is being used. The slightest nudge against that flippin' reverse lever will undo one's efforts, maddeningly.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wierdscience View Post
    At my day job along with machining and welding I also act as a purchasing agent for our shop and also our industrial supply business.That includes a lot of tools and sets of tools.
    Sometimes a customer will come in and request a specific brand and model of tool and that is what we quote and supply them with.Recently one company wanted 18 complete 318 pc mechanics tool sets that they supply thier new hires with.They specified Craftsman which we supplied them with.Looking over one of the sets I was not impressed,infact the average quality at HF would have been better.

    Thanks WierdScience - that is an enormously helpful post. I've never really looked into Sunnex or Tektron tools, despite occasionally seeing them advertised. They look especially good for mobile tool kits that have to go through airport security with out technicians. If they get lost or stolen, it's not nearly as bad as loosing some high-dollar brand name set.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CPeter View Post
    Along this line, I have been on the lookout for a decent, not super, quality sert of metric taps and dies for occasional use around the shop. m4 to m12 or so would be nice. Mostly chasing threads, bu one in a while thread a hole. I have not found any that got consistently good reviews. There were all kinds of issues, broken taps, missing taps or dies, missing and replaced with a duplicate. real crap handles and on and on. Anyone have a good recommendation?
    Seem to be that with taps you get "super" or hit-and-miss quality. No stable middle ground.

    Guhring available in US? (86 usd set inc. VAT)

    I could recommend these if you were asking really cheap and mostly ok:

    Have few of the cheap 7-piece sets and you are guaranteed to get at least one dud in the set. Usually really hard to spot the dud one before you try tapping with each of them as there seem to be all kind of funky manufacturing issues with these.
    Rest of them vary from passable to excellent

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