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Thread: Computer Issue Boot Disc OT

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    Quote Originally Posted by JoeLee View Post
    I downloaded the smart tools program. I can't figure out how to get it to scan the drive.
    I tried to run the drive health but got nowhere with it.

    You would be best served asking this on the project's (smartmontools') forums, FAQ, or IRC. Being a (presumably) USB connected drive may complicate things in windows.

    Not running windows, and not having that version of software, I/we couldn't even begin to point to what you should do.
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    Yea, not a bad idea. All I can get to happen is a command line window opens and it starts to scan the C drive, not the problem drive running in the USB port.


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    Quote Originally Posted by JoeLee View Post
    I downloaded the smart tools program. I can't figure out how to get it to scan the drive.
    I would hold off on the scan and tests. You should capture the drive health statistics and post them here. This tutorial linked below, under windows, is pretty good.

    I suggest you try gsmartcontrol. It is a graphical interface for smartmon tools and should make this easier. In the GUI the info we want is under "attributes".

    Install one of these versions:

    32 bit:

    64 bit:

    You may need to enable SMART for the device. Also, see my comments below about usb, etc.

    To do this from the command line:

    First you're going to need to identify available devices:

    smartctl --scan

    Hopefully your usb adapter connected device shows up and is supported. But it may not. That adapter has a chipset in it and not all chipsets correct support SMART health data. That was a bigger problem in years past.

    Then you will query the health info, where your device is something like /dev/sdb

    smartctl -a yourdevice

    To save that output you would redirect it to a file:

    smartctl -a yourdevice > savedinfo

    Then post the contents of savedinfo in this thread. It will provide health metrics for the drive, number of reads and writes, age, etc.

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    Glug, thanks. I will give it a try.


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    OK, I got this

    Overall Health Self-Assessment Test PASSED This was from the "General" tab or window.

    It won't let me copy the whole window.

    From smart control.... there is a lot more there than what I posted here.

    smartctl 7.0 2018-12-30 r4883 [x86_64-w64-mingw32-win7-sp1] (sf-7.0-1)
    Copyright (C) 2002-18, Bruce Allen, Christian Franke,

    Model Family: Samsung based SSDs
    Device Model: Samsung SSD 850 EVO 500GB
    Serial Number: S2HGTLDXXXX
    LU WWN Device Id: 5 002538 d4138bbc1
    Firmware Version: EMT02B6Q
    User Capacity: 500,107,862,016 bytes [500 GB]
    Sector Size: 512 bytes logical/physical
    Rotation Rate: Solid State Device
    Form Factor: 2.5 inches
    Device is: In smartctl database [for details use: -P show]
    ATA Version is: ACS-2, ATA8-ACS T13/1699-D revision 4c
    SATA Version is: SATA 3.1, 6.0 Gb/s (current: 6.0 Gb/s)
    Local Time is: Wed Jun 12 14:20:43 2019 EDT
    SMART support is: Available - device has SMART capability.
    SMART support is: Enabled
    AAM feature is: Unavailable
    APM feature is: Unavailable
    Rd look-ahead is: Enabled
    Write cache is: Enabled
    DSN feature is: Unavailable
    ATA Security is: Disabled, NOT FROZEN [SEC1]

    SMART overall-health self-assessment test result: PASSED

    General SMART Values:
    Offline data collection status: (0x00) Offline data collection activity
    was never started.
    Auto Offline Data Collection: Disabled.
    Self-test execution status: ( 0) The previous self-test routine completed
    without error or no self-test has ever
    been run.
    Total time to complete Offline
    data collection: ( 0) seconds.
    Offline data collection
    capabilities: (0x53) SMART execute Offline immediate.
    Auto Offline data collection on/off support.
    Suspend Offline collection upon new
    No Offline surface scan supported.
    Self-test supported.
    No Conveyance Self-test supported.
    Selective Self-test supported.
    SMART capabilities: (0x0003) Saves SMART data before entering
    power-saving mode.
    Supports SMART auto save timer.
    Error logging capability: (0x01) Error logging supported.
    General Purpose Logging supported.
    Short self-test routine
    recommended polling time: ( 2) minutes.
    Extended self-test routine
    recommended polling time: ( 265) minutes.
    SCT capabilities: (0x003d) SCT Status supported.
    SCT Error Recovery Control supported.
    SCT Feature Control supported.
    SCT Data Table supported.

    Before I go any further and clutter the board am I on the right track??

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    From Attributes Tab.............

    "ID","Name","Failed","Norm-ed value","Worst","Threshold","Raw value","Type","Flags"
    5,"Reallocated Sector Count","never","100","100","10","0","<b>pre-failure</b>","PO--CK"
    9,"Power-On Time","never","99","99","0","2924","old age","-O--CK"
    12,"Power Cycle Count","never","94","94","0","5203","old age","-O--CK"
    177,"Wear Leveling Count","never","99","99","0","7","<b>pre-failure</b>","PO--C-"
    179,"Used Reserved Block Count (Total)","never","100","100","10","0","<b>pre-failure</b>","PO--C-"
    181,"Program Fail Count","never","100","100","10","0","old age","-O--CK"
    182,"Erase Fail Count","never","100","100","10","0","old age","-O--CK"
    183,"Runtime Bad Blocks","never","100","100","10","0","<b>pre-failure</b>","PO--C-"
    187,"Reported Uncorrectable","never","100","100","0","0","old age","-O--CK"
    190,"Airflow Temperature","never","72","60","0","28","old age","-O--CK"
    195,"Hardware ECC Recovered","never","200","200","0","0","old age","-O-RC-"
    199,"CRC Error Count","never","100","100","0","0","old age","-OSRCK"
    235,"POR Recovery Count","never","99","99","0","50","old age","-O--C-"
    241,"Total LBAs Written","never","99","99","0","10403441536","old age","-O--CK"


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    Here is the "self test log"

    "Test #","Type","Status","% Completed","Lifetime hours","LBA of the first error"
    1,"Offline","Completed without error","100%","2918","-"
    2,"Short offline","Manually aborted","20%","2918","-"
    3,"Short offline","Completed without error","100%","2918","-"
    4,"Short offline","Manually aborted","20%","2918","-"
    5,"Short offline","Manually aborted","10%","2917","-"
    6,"Short offline","Manually aborted","10%","2917","-"
    7,"Short offline","Completed without error","100%","2917","-"
    8,"Short offline","Manually aborted","20%","2824","-"
    9,"Short offline","Completed without error","100%","2724","-"
    10,"Short offline","Manually aborted","10%","2618","-"
    11,"Short offline","Manually aborted","10%","2618","-"
    12,"Offline","Completed without error","100%","2618","-"
    13,"Short offline","Completed without error","100%","2609","-"
    14,"Short offline","Completed without error","100%","2584","-"
    15,"Short offline","Completed without error","100%","2521","-"
    16,"Short offline","Completed without error","100%","2453","-"
    17,"Short offline","Completed without error","100%","2417","-"
    18,"Short offline","Completed without error","100%","2373","-"
    19,"Short offline","Completed without error","100%","2367","-"

    This is all Greek to me........... I hope there is enough info here for you to tell if the drive is bad or not.


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    First, that is a high quality SSD, a Samsung 850 EVO.

    In the numbers, everything looks good to me. 5.3TB have been written to the drive. That isn't much. I haven't checked for that drive but the lifespan should be at least 70TB, probably quite a bit more since those are considered long lasting. The other wear tracking metrics look good.

    If I am reading the numbers correctly, it looks like the drive got quite hot at some point - 72C. Any ideas on that? That is too hot and is a concern. I would check that out and install a temp logging utility on your computer, if you don't have one.

    As part of SMART the drive can do self tests, both short and long. I'd do the long test on it. It should tell you when the test will complete. Leave it alone until that time, and then check for success.

    Samsung has their own utility for testing and optimizing this drive. It will probably have additional drive specific features. I would download it and check the drive health. I would apply any firmware updates but I would not do that via a usb adapter.

    Before relying on the drive, I would want to format it (using the samsung tool, if supported - though most modern OS's work correctly with SSDs now) and test it. I'd fill it and copy everything off. I'd be careful about having backups. I would not use it for sole copy - like copying your photos off your camera and then deleting them from the camera before you have a second copy (that's important for any drive).

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    OK, thanks for the help. I have a new drive in this computer now. The same one. I copied all my files off the old drive and put them on the new one.
    Almost back to normal.

    As far as the temp. spike, I'm not sure what happened there. All was fine until I did the system restore. I still suspect some files got corrupted.


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    Fwiw, these drives are really quite 'smart' and store a lot of health data. The SSD in my laptop has a long history of detailed temp data. Yours should also have that and you should be able to save it to outputfile via:

    smartctl -x /dev/sdb > outputfile

    You would substitute your device name for /dev/sdb, as suggested earlier

    In addition to more useful temp stats, there are extensive recent histograms of logged temp data. Those don't format well here, but they're really cool and might pinpoint when it was hot. The default on mine logs every 10 minutes so it does not go back very far.

    0x05 ===== = = === == Temperature Statistics (rev 1) ==
    0x05 0x008 1 36 --- Current Temperature
    0x05 0x010 1 34 --- Average Short Term Temperature
    0x05 0x018 1 33 --- Average Long Term Temperature
    0x05 0x020 1 46 --- Highest Temperature
    0x05 0x028 1 14 --- Lowest Temperature
    0x05 0x030 1 39 --- Highest Average Short Term Temperature
    0x05 0x038 1 30 --- Lowest Average Short Term Temperature
    0x05 0x040 1 35 --- Highest Average Long Term Temperature
    0x05 0x048 1 31 --- Lowest Average Long Term Temperature
    0x05 0x050 4 0 --- Time in Over-Temperature
    0x05 0x058 1 70 --- Specified Maximum Operating Temperature
    0x05 0x060 4 0 --- Time in Under-Temperature
    0x05 0x068 1 0 --- Specified Minimum Operating Temperature

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