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Thread: Head space gauge for M1 30 cal carbine

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    Well, I've done some checking around. It appears that the M1 Carbine is a loosey Goosey gun and built to fire damn near anything you stick in it. One site said to use Scotch clear tape on the head of the round to check head space. The tape is about .0015" thick. They said that three thicknesses of the tape is equivalent to the field gauge. I used three bolts to test head space and all three bolts would close with four tapes on the head of a new military loaded round. I saw no point in going for five tapes on the round.

    After talking to a few friends that have a lot of experience with the Carbine, M1 and M2, they said if it shoots use it. None of them said to use reloads and discouraged doing so. The only issue I had was with the rounds that I suspect are reloaded and over charged. I will dispose of those and buy some factory hollow point ammo for the Carbine.

    The M1 Carbine and M1911 are the two best firearms that came from WWII. But, that is my personal opinion and need not be yours.
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    Love my little M1 carbine, probably my favorite rifle

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