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Thread: OT - Another Ceiling Fan Issue

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    I saw them at Lowes today, $4.08 for a 2 pack.

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    They're everywhere, they're everywhere!!!

    People say I'm getting crankier as I get older. That's not it. I just find I enjoy annoying people a lot more now. Especially younger people!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by lynnl View Post
    Normally when I turn on the wall switch, for some reason I don't understand, it defaults to "light on" which I have to then turn off with the remote. On this occasion it did not do that. On this occasion nothing worked! ....

    But my real reason for bringing this up is the battery. That battery had been working since the fan was installed in late 1991! I know I've never replaced it because I don't remember ever encountering such a battery.
    Whoops! I owe the internet an apology! I lied. Yesterday I happened to recall the purchase of that fan and where I bought it, and it was 2003, NOT 1991. But still, 16 years that battery lasted!

    When I started this thread I was remembering the installation of a fan in a different room.

    Now for the real oddity. The other day, after turning on the wall switch and learning neither the light nor the fan would work, I just left the wall switch ON. Well yesterday when I first came downstairs, to my surprise the fan was working (slowest speed) . Why would that be?
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