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Thread: Harbor Freight disappointment

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    Like many, I often buy cheap when I only need something for one job. More often than not I still have the tool and use it once in a while decades later. The other day I found the need to use a cutout tool to get to the shower head at my mom's. I could have used a hand drywall saw, but there is PEX inside the wall and I don't know where. The tool cost me $19 on sale. It will be used for 10 minutes. If it works I will call it a satisfying deal.

    I could have bought name brand from Home depot and returned it after use, but that's just kind of sleazy.
    At the end of the project, there is a profound difference between spare parts and extra parts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mattthemuppet View Post
    ......... Case in point is my angle grinder, the cheapy that JT lambasts above. It's over 6 years old and has cut through more steel plate (inc. a 2 1/2" truck axle) and nuts and bolts than I can remember. Can't even remember what I got it for. ........
    If you like it, that;s fine.

    I found it to be dangerously non-ergonomic..... I tried one that another guy had, and basically asked him how the hell he even used it...... If you have large hands, you probably would find no problem..... My hands are about average but I I hated the thing all the time I had to use it because it was hard to hold and control.

    Seemed like a poor design on that basis, when nicer-to-use ones are not much more money. it ain't one of their gems, IMO. It's what happens when you make to a really low price, or when you buy to a price only.

    I have some HF stuff that I use and it's OK....not great, but OK.

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    I don't have enough experience with grinders to know if it's ergonomic or not, works fine for me though. That's the beauty of choice, right?

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    Let's just say some tools fit the hand better, cause less fatigue and are safer to use.
    So bottom line, you get more done, faster, and it last longer.
    So in many cases it often cost less to own than the good one.

    I previously outlined the huge difference in the electric 16 ga hand shears.

    I do have the 10 inch HF disc slander with table, it seems to work good.
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