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Thread: Advise on 5C Chuck type and size for cutter grinder

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    Default Advise on 5C Chuck type and size for cutter grinder

    I want to have the versatility of using a small 5C chuck for work holding on either my Motorized work head or Sensitive work head with my KO Lee Cutter Grinder. If your only going to have one chuck which size, 3" or 4", and 3 jaw scroll or 4 jaw independent?
    I realize the accuracy of the cutter grinder negates real high concentric accuracy, but would like the same concentrically as the 5C allows.
    Are the Chinesium brands like Shars worth considering?



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    My thoughts are that you would be holding a variety of small items to use on a cutter grinder. With that in mind I think that my "chuck of choice" for small pieces of any variety in size would be a 5C to ER adapter. I'd likely want an ER25 for the really small pieces that need good access around the smaller nut and then an ER 32 or larger for bigger pieces. These would take the place of a small 3 jaw chuck

    For odder shaped things I think I'd go for a four jaw from Taig or Sherline for the smaller overall size. Then attach that to a 1" parallel stub which you then hold in a 1" 5C collet.

    There's lots of 4" four jaw chucks to be found but so many of them seem overly heavy duty for holding small light parts. And bulky enough that the chuck itself will use up a lot of the available room in a lot of cases.

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    you just had a thread on getting the 5c adapter out of the workhead, or is this a another workhead? Adapter is by far the best way to go, easy to clean. Why do you not want to use the 5c adapter? I would think a chuck is going to have a lousy life on a grinder, can't say that I remember even seeing it done.

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    "the accuracy of the cutter grinder negates real high concentric accuracy"

    What does that mean? Your grinder is so bad that no accurate work can be done on it? What's wrong with the grinder?

    Forget the jaw chuck, use 5C collets. Don't you think concentric accuracy will be most determined by the work holding head?

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    I have 2 Bison 5" chucks for my KO T&C grinder. One is an independent 4 jaw and the other is a 3 jaw.
    Both are mounted on Bison 5C adapter plates.
    5" is about as big as you can go without putting a riser plate under the work head.
    I think I've used the 4 jaw more than the three jaw or the collets.
    I also have the face plate for it.

    This is a pic of the 4 jaw with a knob key I made for it.


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