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Thread: What the heck is this in my car?

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    My truck like most modern vehicles relies on my cell phone for most "data" functions. You can tell the vehicle NOT to hold gps (tracking data), contacts, messages, phone logs etc. You also need to remember to tell you phone the same... but how many really do? and then Goggle.. you need to go to their website and explicitly ask to erase all data about you. If you don't do all of this and more... then...

    oh... you don't have to buy a smart phone or enable your smart vehicle functions. I do, but I do manage my privacy settings.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RB211 View Post
    Our 747's, and just about every airliner will phone home if you do something wrong, like start your taxi out without the flaps lowered to takeoff position. Will get a text message from company from the chief pilot with a phone number to call. Certain things are programmed to notify company via radio modem. Of course EVERYTHING is recorded and every so often they'll come on board, plug in a computer and download the data. EVERYTHING is recorded. This system is completely separate from the black boxes which don't record a fraction of what FOQUA gets.
    It's just like modern cars that record everything. Cars throw codes for system errors, we do as well, except it displays the info on our screens with EICAS, which prioritizes and groups the severity into four levels. The center console has a display much like a OBDI reader. Tells you detailed info of what failed, the hex data the sensor read, the fault code, etc.

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    Have you flown one of the 737 MAX's?
    And if so, would you again after they have confirmed a fix?

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