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Ethanol gas seems to cause plastic and rubber products in fuel lines and carbs to deteriorate. My weed eater seems to need a new line set every few years. One thing recommended by my local small engine shop is to use 89 octane. Still has ethanol, but is cleaner than 87 octane.

I have several pieces of equipment with small 2 cycle and larger 4 cycle engines. None of them like the ethanol blended gas, and the 2 cycle ones are the worst. For several years I was changing the fuel lines and cleaning the carbeurators on all of them due to problems with the ethanol. The fuel lines on the 2 cycles would either become brittle and break into chunks, or just melt to mush, and the carbs would gum up if left to set more than a month. The fuel line problem got so bad I was buying it by the 50 foot spools.

I switched to non ethanol regular gas and the problems were solved. In the last 5 years I haven't had to replace a fuel line or clean a carburetor on a 2 cycle engine.

As for the 4 cycle engines they seem to fair better, but I still had problems with those below 10 hp. The small ones also had the same carb and fuel line problems as the 2 cycle ones. The 4 cycle ones handles the ethanol a bit better in that they would go a couple years before needing the carbs cleaned and the fuel lines replaced. The fuel lines on these engines turned to mush internally. Then gobs of the mush would get into the carbs and get caught in the jets.

All my small engine equipped tools (below 25 hp) now get only non ethanol unleaded gas. They run better and don't need constant replacement and cleaning of fuel related components.