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Thread: Info ref CO2 extinguishers.

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    Certainly off on a tangent to my initial post but found this multi-use, foam spray extinguisher.
    Usual disclaimers; I have not actually used it and I make no claim(s) as to effectiveness.

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    When the fire extinguisher company brought some new extinguishers to the museum, they put a large foam one next to the machines. I asked the guy about using them on electrical fires, and he said the new types had a dielectric foam and there was no need to turn the electrical supply off before using the extinguisher.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chipmaker4130 View Post
    This is the proper way to determine fill. Giving it a squirt will simply leave you with an unknown quantity remaining.
    Way, way back (late 60's) I was an apprentice at the Phila Navy Yard. We could often work third shift overtime as fire watch for welders on the ships. We were told to check extinguishers by giving them a quick shot, and often when they were actually needed they would be almost empty. Stu

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    My dad had a twenty pounder in his basement. As kids we would give it a shot now and then when the old man wasn't around. I eventually stole the big cone from the hose and mounted it on the lawn mower exhaust, sounded great. After dad passed I drug it home and eventually used the gas to fill the small tank in my beer meister. It lasted quite a while.
    The date stamped on the tank is 1944. Still have the tank, going to make a gong out of it "someday".
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    Beware of foam fire extinguishers that may have PFAS or PFOS in them. There are many variations of the compounds, and they persist forever in the environment. Contamination of drinking water at low parts per Trillion levels is a danger. Problem is, the extinguishers won't have warnings or even disclosures of what is in the foam.

    Same applies to older cans of scotchguard. Those should go to the hazardous waste drop off.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Glug View Post
    Fullness is determined by weight, and it should be stamped on the tank.
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