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Thread: Help Paul Alcatore get a surface plate !!! Transportation needed.

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    Default Help Paul Alcatore get a surface plate !!! Transportation needed.

    On a different thread I offered Paul a 18x24 surface plate for essentially free. His reply

    Quote Originally Posted by Paul Alciatore View Post
    Thanks for the offer, but from south Texas that would be a three day trip, at least for me. It would cost me ten times what the freight would be. And I would never get it past the War Department.
    I will GIVE Paul this surface plate if we can arrange transport from Ohio to South Texas. I can take the plate to Athens, Columbus or Dayton. So, all we need to do is find a series of people who will transport it along the way in a series of small jumps. So, if you are going west or south from Ohio in the next few weeks, and could take a big heavy chunk of rock with you... and are insane enough to do this... please volunteer.

    I would want to get pictures of each stage of the move...

    This could be hilarious.

    Anybody up for this?

    (It's heavy, but one person can lift it - although hernias are a risk)

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    I am guessing this statement "And I would never get it past the War Department." pretty much seals the deal. Without the war dept some of us would still be in jail JR
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    Hilarious? I am already laughing.

    But seriously, I could give it a good home. I would have to revise my plans for a table. Perhaps pull some tricks to get it to fit in a reasonable space. I was thinking of a multiple use table but for one that size I may have to give up on that and take another approach.

    Well, if this comes to pass, and I am not at all sure it will, but if it happens I WILL make a good home for it. I am sure I could make it as far as Dallas, TX or Shreveport or Lafayette, LA. Perhaps a bit further. I am sure my truck can handle it.

    Part of my problem, that I did not mention earlier, is my son. He had a stroke and is partially disabled. He lives with us and would probably have to come on any overnight trip. That complicates things and increases the cost.

    Weather this happens or not, I thank in advance any and all who will volunteer for this. And If I can get their addresses, I will send gift packages as thanks.

    And thank you, Dan.

    BTW, what's this thing weigh? I may need to rent, buy, or make a crane. Never mind, I will look one up.
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    Paul A.

    Make it fit.
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    Doesn't Fastenal still offer a store to store shipping service? Or am I hallucinating?

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    I just used Fastenal to ship a pickup bed.
    The buyer arranged and prepaid the freight.
    All I had to do was strap it to a pallet and deliver it to Fastenal.
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    Fastenal...?? Is there something about the Fastenal service that makes it a better choice than regular trucking companies? Just Curious?

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    I have used Fastenal's shipping service for tractor parts. Most but not all stores participate.

    There used to be a link on one of there web pages with info and how to check price.

    You have to palletize and deliver to the store, then the receiver has to pick up at a store.
    Not all stores have towmotors to pick up and load a truck.

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    Is there a YRC Freight depot anywhere near the intended destination? I just recall seeing Adam Booth save big dollar by picking up from the depot in Mobile (?) instead of having things dropped at his door in Penascola. If they operate in south TX it might be worth it?

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    To make it a multiple use table, make a plywood cover with 1 x 2 sides all around to keep it in place. Some people like to put 1/4" felt under the plywood between the wood and granite. It's a good idea to have a cover anyway.

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    i used for my Brute machine table. It worked well for me.

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