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Thread: Alibre trial of Atom 3D user question

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    Quote Originally Posted by Norman Bain View Post

    For the file structure; my approach (from the keep it simple for me as a HSM person) is to put all the files for the parts and the assembly, for the same project in same folder.

    As you go along you may find it practical to put some things into their own assembly then put those assemblies into a main assembly. Think motor + gearbox + diff all going into the main assembly a car. The separate assemblies (and the parts therein) can be put into a separate folder for tidiness. .
    As far as project files go you definitely need to keep them in the same folder, use a "sort by type" to keep them straight. When I started out I put parts in one file, assemblies in another etc. and even broke those down by sub folders thinking that it would keep the file neat. Big mistake. As the project got larger I ended up having lost file associations. IE: the program couldn't always find the necessary files. Big problem.

    Using sub assemblies is a definite must. If you don't and everything is in one giant assemble, when things go wrong and they will, trouble shooting is going to be a nightmare. By breaking it down to the smallest sub assemblies possible you can isolate the problem to the offending sub assembly and effect a repair with out have a ripple effect travel right through the whole project. That can be a major headache.
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    Hey Group,

    This is all great advice. The switching between screens was what I was after and I didn't know it was possible. When I get home after work tonight I will check it out.

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