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Thread: Unbolting headstock from bed? Alignment issues?

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    This Taiwanese lathe has helical headstock gears, If they were seriously going to cut costs, I would have thought that would have been one of the first things to omit. But... who knows?
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    If the original headstock bearings do show signs of wear and need to be replaced, I would personally find out what the price of standard bearings from one of the top manufacturers like Timken or SKF is. For the home shop machinist, the standard quality is so good that paying three of four times as much for selected grades is just not worth it.

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    My lathe, which is an 8 x 18, has the flats and one V on the headstock. The V does not touch down on the V way, so it is not aligned by it- there are set screws for the alignment. If I ever remove the headstock it will be mandatory to realign it.

    As far as alignment pins, I still wouldn't expect a perfect alignment. Even if it looks like it goes back on exactly, I'd still check it after reassembly. Don't just assume that it will be good.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Richard P Wilson View Post
    According to Tony's site, it was possible to have a 4 1/2" VSL with the L00 nose and big bore spindle. A lot of examination of his photos suggests that because of the control layout on the cabinet, Apple might have a Mk2 with the electromagnetic spindle brake on the motor, and that its post 1975 because its got 'sealed for life' spindle bearings (no greasers on the sloping face of the headstock) The speed control handwheel seems to be missing. Easy for Apple to tell us what the centre height is, and possibly what the serial number is. Initially he said it was a 500VSL, but he seems to have changed his mind about that.
    Yeah, i forgot they even made a mk III, the very last of them being 5" CH and LOO spindle.
    Looking at the OP's, that is a metric gearbox, so prolly a metric leadscrew, and details on the apron like the screwcutting engagement lever make it look like a later model.
    Is the speed control wheel not hiding behind the lump of wood and the pry bar?
    No i think it's missing, you're right.

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