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Thread: Feed and Speed for Garolite LE?

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    Quote Originally Posted by polaraligned View Post
    I have to mill some insulators from 1/4" thick stock. I can find info on other grades, but not this "easy to machine" grade. Supposedly you can just use HSS to machine it because it uses cloth instead of fiberglass as the reinforcement.
    Anyone ever mill this stuff before?
    Thank you.
    Yes, you can use HSS upon it. We just made a pile of Worm Wheels with it. I made the Single Point Tools for it. Only needed on for all of them. ( there were three of these boxes )

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    It machined up real nice.
    Thank you for all the advice.

    I ended up using a 1/8", 2 flute carbide endmill and ran at 25K RPM and 30 IPM. I started at 50 IPM, but backed off a bit as my high speed inline spindle didn't seem to like it all that much. It might of been ok, but I was playing it safe.

    And someone had asked what these were for. They are for line audio thru a metal chassis. There are binding posts that pass thru these.

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    super neat!

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