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Thread: sharpening systems.

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    I don't know why they don't advertise it more it was even hard to find in a search actually it didn't even come up I just remembered they did from when I stumbled on it awhile ago looking for something else awhile ago

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    Quote Originally Posted by john buck View Post
    A few years ago I bought an 8" benchgrinder from KBC . It was on sale for $ 59.00.

    It is so smooth and balanced I can hardly believe it. After shutting it off it takes about 10 minutes to stop turning.

    To get such a well balanced China made grinder is something else. Well, I had to get lucky sometime.
    All in all I've got 5 bench grinders around here and three of them run smooth as silk. And yes, when they are like that they are a real treat to use. Luckily one that runs smooth is the two sided "cup" stoned tool grinder. That makes it easier to grind lathe tools and larger size drills for sharpening.

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