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Thread: Anyone have their Bison Chuck manual on hand?

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    BillH Guest

    Post Anyone have their Bison Chuck manual on hand?

    I just received my backplate, and I need to machine it. Now I lost my little red striped Bison manual, but it has all the critical dimensions in there, the bolt hole circle diameter, the registering shoulder diameter which I really need, and a few other dimensions.
    Can some one tell me the bolt hole circle and registering shoulder diameter for a Bison 3 jaw 4" chuck? Thanks.

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    Did you lose the chuck too?
    Jim H.

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    BillH Guest


    DO I need not explain the innacuracies of measuring inside the the chucks shoulder with calipers?

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    'twere me, I'd cut-and-try machine to fit and to hell with the "correct" dimension for the diameter. I think I could get it closer by trial than I would by measurement.

    But that's just me....

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    How does 83mm, 70mm and 3xM8 sound? Now you can cut and try Den

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    Thank you Nheng

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