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Thread: Tubing end caps?

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    Post Tubing end caps?

    Anybody know of an online source for those cool little plastic, push-in end caps for steel tubing??

    These are typically black plastic, about 1/2" thick that are sized for the size and gauge of the tubing. They're also available with threads to screw in an adjustable foot, too.

    (I'm specifiically looking for 1" & 2" square, 16 ga. ones)

    Thanks in advance,
    Mike P
    Mike P
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    McMaster-Carr carries them. Look on page 3478 and after on their online catalog. Or Google and you'll see lots of listings.


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    When I used to make furniture, I used to buy those things by the thousand. They arent actually that expensive that way- sometimes only 50 bucks or so, depending on size.
    Anyway, the two companies I found that have the best selection were:
    Alliance Plastics-
    (I actually used to buy their products from pro-tec, which is a distributor-
    and the other big dog is Cap-Plugs

    You would need to find the distributor nearest you, and talk to them. Usually about a 75 dollar minimum order, but you would probably get a lifetime supply for that. Lots of times they will send you free samples, as long as you sound like a real potential customer, and not a flake.

    So if you really only need 2 or 3, Mcmaster Carr is a good bet- but if you need 50, its probably cheaper to buy 500. The economies of scale, and all that.....

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    Reid Tool Supply is my "hardware" store of choice. No minimum order and fast delivery.

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    Outwater Plastics. You will need to know the gauge of tubing you are using. They are also a lot easier to install when kept in a heated room. Comfortable temp, not hot. I install them with a "dead blow" hammer. The first 10,000 were fun but now I think of it as work.
    They also have a good list of products such as "T-Molding" ect. for building furniture/display shelves.

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