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Thread: Rechargeable flashlight - what brand ?

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    Post Rechargeable flashlight - what brand ?

    I need to get a good rechargeable flashlight - one that will hold a charge for at least 1/2 hour.

    I bought a Coleman from Wal-Mart but the charge only lasted for about ten minutes. I returned it and got a replacement but that one did little better!

    Do any of you have any experience as to a good brand for me to buy and how long does the charge last?



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    Jake, I tried one of the new solar powered ones but it wasn't a lot of good.

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    How big a flashlight we talking about?
    Have you considered just getting 2 sets of Nickel metal Hydrid (NiMHd) batteries and a recharger? Initial cost would be high, but they're supposed to be good for billions and billions of charge cycles, ... er, well a lot anyway.

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    I got one same brand as my cordless drills; expensive but I've never regretted it.

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    Mag Light Recharger! No other even comes close. It's costly, but worth every dollar. Had mine about 12 years and it's still going strong. 12 volt or 110, plugs into both.

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    As Lynnl noted, I'd go with Nickel Metal Hydride as it has higher energy density than NiCad. When you go shopping, make sure you spend the extra and get the higher mAhr version. For AA, you can get it as high at 1600mAhr.


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    Jake, KACHINKOO is right on the money. The Mag Charger flashlight is the best I have found. Durable and bright. I think they are around 20,000 to 30,000 candle power and mine, under a full charge, will last all day on and off. Probably a couple of hours constant use. It is costly, at about ninety bucks, but after you use it for a week, you will never be satisfied with anything else. If you want, call Duct Cleaners' Supply and ask for John, he can tell you more then I can.

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    Ditto on the rechargable Mag light. Or buy NiMH cells for your regular Mag light.

    Pelican makes the best rechargeable - has a Halogen bulb 1,000,000 candle power. Weighs twenty pounds - built to get the living **** kicked out of it. Explosion proof - mine approved. Not cheap (life safety equipment never is).

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    SUREFIRE makes the best flashlights available, period. Here's thier website..,,0

    I've got 4 of thier lights, Thier little 6P (a little bigger than a Mini-maglite) is MUCH brighter than my 5 D-cell huge Mag-Lite.

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    I just bought a Streamlight Polystinger after my 4 C cell Maglite died from being dropped one too many times. Now I wish I had gotten one long ago. It is brighter than the 4 C cell Maglite, but only about 7 in. long so it fits very nicely in my hip pocket. It is very similar to the Surefire rechargeables, but perhaps a little cheaper ($107 including 7% NY state sales tax at Nolan supply, just down the street from where I work).

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