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Thread: H/V Bandsaw Choices

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    Post H/V Bandsaw Choices

    It's starting to appear that nobody's going to give me a horiz/vrtcal bandsaw, so I'll probably have to buy it. I'm having prob'm w/a couple of decisions:
    1) The little 4X6" model fits my space better (not to mention pocketbook). I feel it will suffice for most of my needs, but even some of my immediate needs suggest getting the 7X12" model. I'm wondering how effective that smaller saw would be in cutting say a 10X10X2" chunk of tool steel into smaller pieces, when used in the vertical mode. I know it would be tedious, but how tedious? Tedious to the point of "'s not worth the torture"? Also how much of a detriment is the absence of the automatic coolant pump? (This is just for home shop use- probably only 3 or 4 cuts a week.)

    2) What's your opinion of Rong-Fu's 7X12"? My local suppier can provide that for about $740 out the door. Which beats Enco, etc. when freight is factored in. I have a local Harbor Freight outlet, which I haven't checked, but I've gotten the impression they're kinda low on the quality pole. The Jet is much more, tho I don't recall just how much.

    I'd really like to have a Roll-In, but it's just too pricey, considering my needs.

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    grizzly has a 8x12 for 795.00 plus shipping.

    I bought a 4x6 from enco in 1986
    I used on and off untill december when I started doing some heavy duty work for a mechanical engineer.
    It is still going but I have a larger replacement in the near future.
    There were times while I was doing something else in the shop that I had that little saw cutting pieces for the next project. Basically all day long just cutting.
    It has held up pretty good considering it is a dry saw and sloooooow.
    Blade life is ok, I have found the Bi-Metal blades to be worth there higher cost.
    Sorry fot being so long winded.
    Just thought you might like to know how a cheapie held up so far.

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