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Thread: Boss r pc to rs232 transmit problem

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    Post Boss r pc to rs232 transmit problem

    Thanks for the responses guys,

    I do not get a( boss 5 input) display after reset , but can program manually

    My pins at the PC on the rs232 cable are
    25 pin connector
    linked #4 and #5
    #2 transmit to 6 receive
    #1 open to 5 system ground
    #7 dc ground to 7 signal ground
    #3 received data to transmit #8
    These are linked #5 clear to send
    #6 open
    #8 open
    #20 data terminal ready

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    Jim try to reply to your original thread rather than make new posts, it's easier that way.

    I don't have a diagram of my pinout handy but I'll look around tommorrow. Make sure you have the machine in setup mode, flip the reset switch inside the tape reader cabinet, then press edit. The machine should relay back to HyperTerminal

    BOSS 5.0

    After that you can "send text from file" press CTRL-Z after the code has been sent.

    -Christian D. Sokolowski

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    Sorry christian , thanks for the advice on a proper post , new at this.

    what does it mean if the BOSS 5.0 >Input does not show on the panel or should it show me on the PC screen??

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    Remove the #1 to #5 and try again. If you don't get BOSS 5 on the Hyperterminal screen (assuming all your port settings are correct in Hyperterminal) Then your wiring or ERS card isn't working. It would be ok if you get some scrible or garbage because you can probably get everything working right with the right settings. Keep trying and keep asking.

    Good luck.

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    really remove the 1 to 5 ??????

    I will tell Philip my electronics guy, Thanks

    Is that how you have it setup??

    Norb did say the book was wrong!!

    Bye the way I have all manuals and D size electrical prints for the boss 5 everything!!

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