Well I have the X and Y axis of my HF mini mill hooked up to the steppermotor system, and already my mind is going on a new project. I'll post pics when I'm done with the Z in a couple more weeks. BTW it uses 145 oz/in motors and a gear reduction system with a 20T drive gear and a 60T driven gear. Should be slow but fairly powerful. I also made my own leadscrews out of acme rod so that i could get rid of those damn 16 pitch lead screws. (sorry couldn't afford the ball screws until I prove it works)

I was surfing CNC websites on CNC gantry style routers, and came across some people using 8020 extrusions for framework. I thought this was interesting. In looking over my Enco catalog I received in the mail today, I found sliding parts for these extrusions under the heading linear bearings in their index. My question to you all is: Do these things slide effortlessly enough that I can build a gantry style router and power it with 23 frame steppers of the 145 oz/In range like I did with the HF mill? What I would like to do is build a gantry router capable of milling a 1/2 sheet of plywood or mdf or even cut out the profile for an electric guitar from ash. (kids would think this is cool) Slow is OK cause I am paying for this experiment, like most things I do at school. Precision? 1/16" in 4' ok?

What's your opinion?