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Thread: Polishing shaft for bushing

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    Question Polishing shaft for bushing

    I am making a shaft that has two bearing surfaces that will both run in bronze bushings. My question has to do with polishing the shaft bearings. Is is OK to use an abrasive such a emery cloth or lapping compound to do the polishing? Or will the abrasive impregnate itself into the bearing surface and lead to premature wear of the bronze bushing? That shaft is CRS. I expect to lubricate with 20 wt oil.

    I know this is a basic question, but I haven't seen it addressed in any of the books I have. Are there any good books that explain the art of producing bearings surfaces to run in bushings? Or does everyone use ball and roller bearings these days?

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    It will work. make sure you clean it up real well. I fixed my squirrel cage fan this way it has worked now for almost two years and is still going. There is a section in the machiniery's handbook that deals with bushings/bearings In the irrigation industry we still use bushings / brass bearings they run at 1700rpm for the most part. for lube an oil drip.
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    After filing or sanding the shaft close to the size I want I always finish polishing with a product by 3M called "SCOTCH BRIGHT". This pad will remove all rough edges and scratches. It will made it a lot smother than you would ever believe possable by a pad. A new pad can also take off up to .001 of an inch.
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    I have at least three grades of generic Scotch Brite. Could you be a bit more specific as to which grade you use?

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    Assuming you,ve achieved a very fine, almost ground pre-finish, you should use Crocus cloth. (Ultra fine rouge abrasive)
    I've used it all my life, it's the way to go for your application.

    "Great for final touch-ups on cranks, rod pins, valve stems, cams, etc".

    One of many sources...

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