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    I have acquired FOR FREE a working L-Tec 304i tig welder. They thought it was burned out. The dumbies just let the coolent filter clog up and the tourch burned up!!!
    MY PROBLEM IS- it is a 460V 3 ph unit.

    How do I make a Rotory Phase Converter to change 220V 1 ph to what I need? I need at least 9.4 KVA.

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    I have never built one but check out this link:

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    We used one on the jobsite last year that could be used for single phase 220 as well as 3 phase 480. Can't remember how it got wired, but there was not any indication on the unit itself that it could do oth. Take a closer look, yours might be able to do both also. You could also call a local dealer, they may be able to help you with rewiring it.

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    Check the welder to be sure...hopefully is can also be used 220V 3ph. Then you'll save the cost of a transformer.

    Other than that, check the web for 3ph convertor plans. The was a very nice writeup on Metal web News a few years ago.( this may be a very old link to it.


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    The welder may be able to be rewired, other wise a tranformer transplant may be required. Contact the maker and see if they will exchange the "big un" for a single phase xfmr. They might do it or at minimal exchange if the 480V is in working order.

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    thanks for all of you info. Luckly I got what I needed from you. It looks like I have to convert to 3 phase first, thanks to John K3PGP. Then I have to transform it up to the voltage I need.

    I CAN DO THAT!! Where I work, we have 3 ph motors and all kinds of transformers for sale as surplus.

    I will post a notice here when all is working correctly.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you,

    Mike milbrand

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