Been playing with several different ideas for a small mill - gave up on the idea of the old vertical mostly because of the weight...8*(

Specifically, I'm thinking of an adaptation of a speare drill press I have in my shop for light-duty work. In replacing the bearings in the present quill, I find I'm going to be restricted to a shaft size of 3/4" or so without reboring the casting for a new quill - and that gets into the realm of not-worth-the-effort.

My question is this - to take a reasonably sized collet (R8) I'm thinking of putting a larger-diameter spindle nose on a piece of 3/4 grund machinery tubing . Seems to me that I could shrink fit that on, then true it up as an assembly. Bore to proper size, then finish it up actually in the mill to ensure it's running true.

Drawbar would then close collet from the back - that's pretty well a no-brainer.

COmments on the concept of the spindle nose being an add-on? I don;t want to hog down a 1.5" bar to 3/4" for the shaft... WAY too much work.