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  • Macros 101 please

    In the Tormach as shaper thread, the subject of macros came up.

    I have grasp of basic G code, But macros are a bit of a mystery.
    Stumbling upon places to edit macros in Path Pilot and in CAM it was all unknown territory so, afraid of screwing something up, never clicked a box.

    I came to computers late in life, so some of the simplest stuff might be new to me.

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    I haven't wrote my own macros but do use a custom M06 macro for my tool changes that I downloaded from the Centroid Acorn forum.


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      What is a macro?


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        A macro is some code that hides behind a simpler command. Such as a tool change macro. M6 is the command, but the macro may do things like send the machine to a home position and signal the tool changer(if installed) and make some changes to a few settings Was a common term used in computer programming that also go applied in other areas. Once had an editor that would let you record a sequence of keystrokes that you often used and they called key sequence that you used to run that set of commands a Macro key..


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          Oh, like peck depth, scallop, depth of cut, speeds and feeds.
          Have been using them all along, just didn't know what the name meant.

          Going to have to go check out the edit macro's page and push some buttons.


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            Also, not sure about PP/LinuxCNC, but Mach 3 reserves M100-M199 for custom macros.

            The other comments in the shaper thread made me look up and refresh my memory on some of them. In Mach 3 they have 200 and up preconfigured for outputs in the program. This will help me in some things I wanted to do using some of the additional output capability. .
            *** I always wanted a welding stinger that looked like the north end of a south bound chicken. Often my welds look like somebody pointed the wrong end of a chicken at the joint and squeezed until something came out. Might as well look the part.


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              Mach 3 reserves M100-M199 for custom macros.
              Current Mach3 (0.062) will accept a broader range than that.
              However, a caution before you crash: Mach3 does try to interpret some other Mnn commands that are not in the PDF. Air cut!

              In practice, there is little you can not do using a Crystal Basic macro, so it is very powerful. There must be an infinity of Touch Probe macros around!
              But another caution: what Mach3 does here is to create the commands and queue them up. That is fine unless you are trying to read an input in the Macro. Mach3 may still be executing a command back up the stack and the input you are reading may not yet be stable! The ifmoving Basic instruction is a vital 'wait' in some places.