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Relatively cheap 3d scanner available

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  • Relatively cheap 3d scanner available

    There's probably a few of you that have started noticing the videos on you tube circulating about the Revopoint Pop 2 scanner. Seems like a pretty good deal on a decently capable scanner for the home hobbiest market. I just pledged to the kickstarter program for a basic standard package (already have a few powerbanks, and reviews of the turntable aren't that great so I'll roll my own). I know there are a bunch of other options out there for DIY photogrammetry, but for $550 CDN I figured It was a pretty cheap option to get started for someone like me who isn't the most tech and computer savvy.

    This is the first kickstarter program I've ever pledged to, so heres hoping I don't get burned. Sounds like they have a proven track record of delivering as advertised with very few hiccups, so I can't wait till February.

    Anybody else pledge for one? On the fence? Already have the first gen pop scanner or other?

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    I'm not sure how you can get "burned" on a Kickstarter. You should assume going in there is a possibility it may flop. The vast majority of new ventures fail afterall.
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      True, they don't charge you until it's delivered, but I was more thinking along the lines of the product sucks, and doesn't work as advertised.

      Considering this is the 2nd version of the Pop scanner, the odds are pretty high that it will work, and not be a total flop. I did a bunch of research this morning about the original one, and it's seems pretty decently capable of the stuff I'd use it for. The Pop 2 just seems like a better more ironed out version of it, with a touted higher resolution.