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Syil X7? Haas Mini mill?

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    Took a look at the hour meter in Mach 3 today on my homebuilt CNC. 6200 hrs! I know that a lot is the machine just sitting but because it is my house garage I don't leave it powered up. My machine is unusual, built like horizontal boring mill with a vertical spindle, that can be turned horizontal too. The table doesn't move and is an old heavy surface plate 24" square with the X axis bolted to the top. Travels are 18" x 18" x 18". The ways are THK high precision high speed linear rails with 20mm ballscrews. I have a 4500 rpm belt drive minimill spindle and a 2-1/4 hp 25,000 rpm router spindle. I have a bigger Y, Z and table than a Tormach and much faster rapids at 300 ipm. Full enclosure like a Tormach too. However it is not as stiff so fine finishes are difficult. I do a lot of work though that wouldn't fit a Tormach envelope. Just did a 14" diameter gear for the FIRST robotics team.


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      Sounds like an interesting machine Gary, do you have any pics of it, or is there a build thread I missed about it over the years. Your description of it doesn't remind me of anything I've ever seen.

      That's the best part about being able to roll your own, is that you get something that works great for the scope of jobs that you do. Someday I'd love to make a small envelope very rigid high speed spindle/travel machine for cutting small molds. I'd also love to make a wood router, and also a plasma table. All specialty machines that would excel at certain jobs, but lack in other areas. Someday maybe, but until then I'll get by with a pretty well rounded Tormach and work within it's limits. I don't have any place to put them right now, unless I hang them from the ceiling, and believe me I've thought about it.