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  • Well, I'm back again. Progress is slow but I am getting there. I was down for a few months with my screwed up back, then when I was doing better I had a big fireplace install, bookshelf, mantel and surround build on my honey do list and I just finished that up and got a bit of time back out in my shop. I spent my last day off last week working on setting up the little AMC drive. I got about 60% through the initial drive setup and servo tuning. I was finally able to see one of my servos move under it's own power. Granted it was slow, just going through the commutation tests in the AMC software, but I still feel like it is a milestone! I am off work on two weeks of vacation starting on 25th. I really hope to get this servo swap into the home stretch during that time off. It has been a long time coming!



    • hi everyone..i am new to this forum. i have some queries..Where do you start on sizing motors? I see that a lot of surplus stuff is rated in Kw or HP, but rarely torque like you typically find with steppers. How do I figure out a baseline of what I will need?How much is this likely to cost me? I have lots of amateur electronics experience, I am not afraid of soldering, wiring or reading schematics. I am a pretty good scrounger, and if I can educate myself enough about the subject, I don't think it will be necessary for me to buy anything in "kit" form. Can anyone give me an guess of the cash outlay if I find the majority of what I need on the used/surplus market?

      assembly pcb
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      • Originally posted by EldenNelson View Post
        hi everyone..i am new to this forum. i have some queries..Where do you start on sizing motors?
        One of the important factors in motor sizing is something called the motor to load inertia ratio, industry standard is 10:1 or less.
        There are free motor sizing programs out there that get you in the ball park, such as Kollmorgen one.
        The motor drives will depend a lot on the type of controller you have, for e.g. Mach uses Step/dir primarily, if going with a motion card such as Galil you can use ±10vdc analogue where a larger amount of surplus drives can be had.
        The recommended type of closed loop control is now Torque mode over velocity mode.
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