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  • Originally posted by alastairseggie View Post
    Hi Legend boy

    I have some questions some I have asked already but I will repeat them here:
    [LIST=1] Did you change the encoders?
    [LIST=2] The mod you did to change to a standard belt rather than the vari-speed, how the pulleys were mounted? using the standard keys and grub screws?
    [LIST=3] The touch screen, i take it that that is a dumb screen and the ATOM does the PC stuff or is that a pc based HMI?
    1. Given the issues you have had would you use the granite drives again now that you have had a chance to use the machine?

    Thanks and thanks for a great post it is great to see someone spend so much time documenting what they have done.


    PS I see there are a load of Canadians with these machines and the more i search the more i find with R2E3's
    Hey Alastair thanks for the kind words.

    To answer your questions:

    -I did use the original 250 line encoders
    -The spindle drive pulleys are mounted using QD bushings
    -PC is more or less HMI as motion control is handled by dedicated hardware

    Even though I am quite comfortable using GD drives I would likely try an AC servo setup from DMM next time

    Regarding your knee dials I would send H&W an email, they can likely shed some light on exactly how it is suppose to work



    • Originally posted by legendboy View Post

      Regarding your knee dials I would send H&W an email, they can likely shed some light on exactly how it is suppose to work

      Thanks Corey that completes the picture, regarding the dials they seem to be quite common here in the UK. I was at a steam train yard in Aviemore (Scottish highlands) and they had a series 1 manual Bridgeport that had the same dials on it. Unfortunately it was a tour and the machinist was not around so I could not ask. Also It was caked in oil and black soot so I was unable to tell just from looking at it.

      Hood also said he had a machine with dials like mine so I am getting more confident that they are reasonably common.

      I will fire out a couple of emails on Monday and include H&W. I do think though that these may be more common on this side of the pond than perhaps in the US.



      • Hello Legendboy I was stuned yesterday reading your account of the retro of the R2E3 ( I have one waiting the same), to come upon the AW100. I have been running an early model monochrom monitor for about 10 years. I make small bits for bicyle frames and musical insturments. The spindel bearings are starting to develop some play and the z axis needs some help.
        Would you please share the contact info for Richard Nix? Also, would you share the referance to the review on servo drives.


        • AW100 I hope you got the pm I sent a month ago.

          This machine is pretty much done. I spent the last week adding spindle brake control.
          Any serious work with multiple tools this is a requirement for this machine.
          Configured the VFD RO as spindle brake. Spindle brake currently engages at 20% spindle speed.

          Also tuned the dip in spindle speed within 30 rpm from drive to control.
          The last month I have re wired my garage panel, ran power and air to both my new machines.


          • Didn't know where to poke my head back in to the forum after so many years, I figured this would be a good enough spot. Just wanted to say hi to my fellow HSM's after some years of absence!

            My mill has been running great after I switched to DMM motors and drives. Sorry all my pictures are gone. Now working at an Engineering / machine shop as a "Machine Technician"
            Has been a few bumpy years with everything that has happened. Just wanted to pop my head in and say hi to everybody!

            Spent some time working at my friends rewind shop and other PM jobs. Back on track building custom manufacturing machines for clients that want to automate!


            • Howdy. Welcome back.

              I'm relatively new here and have never seen your thread before. That looks like an impressive rebuild! I have a lot of reading ahead of me.

              Your pictures still show fine for me, which is amazing all things considered. Glad to hear your machine is still running well!
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              • Just out of curiosity, did you convert an old Series 1 or similar with the Heidenhein controller to something more modern, or did you convert a manual mill to a CNC mill?

                I guess I could go back and look, but where's the fun in that?
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