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Sargon DRO parts and glass scales?

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  • Sargon DRO parts and glass scales?

    A friend uses an old Sargon DRO on his mill. He has a similar unit for his 13" jet lathe that has never been installed. Some parts have been taken off the lathe unit for the mill unit.

    I use that lathe very often, and am thinking of trying to get the lathe DRO pieces up and running, but wonder if it is worth the bother and expense. I have the long glass scale for the bed, and it has never been used. I think it is the 2nd or third axis that may be missing bits, and I'm not sure yet what. The DRO head unit is new.

    My thinking is that even one axis on the DRO would be nice. But my impression is it may not be worth spending money on this DRO, specifically the missing bits.

    Complication: the lathe is in a wood shop. The shop owner may do wood-turning on the lathe, creating fine dust issues.

    Also, I am toying with the idea of adding some CNC to the lathe. I have access to "free" steppers and servos. So there is some question of whether I should try and make these glass scales work, or whether I should just focus on other sensors.

    I have experience wiring and interfacing sensors, reading pulses, using oscilloscopes, and with CNC milling.

    Thanks for any help!