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  • knockout

    I need to make a rectangular cutout 70.5mm by 28.5mm in an aluminium diecast box.

    I priced a punch and die and it came to nearly 500 yo yoos.It is for a digital controller

    to keep water at 20 deg C.I would like to do a neat job with no mention of hacksaw, drills or angle grinder.

    Would be glad of any assistance with this project.I have made cutouts before and they were a sight

    for sore eyes.

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    Where are you located? How much money is 500 yo yoos in American Dollars? Can you send me a picture of your project? I can probably help you, but I need some more information.

    Send it to [email protected]


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      How many? Send it out for laser or water jet. It's pretty cheap.


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        I am located in ireland.500 euros is 666.80 us dollars.The box is approx 120mm by 100mm by 70mm.

        I am making ten boxes altogether.The box will contain a digital temperature controller.

        It is powered by the mains 230v. The cable exiting the box will power a 3kw heating element.

        Ideally a simple knockout punch is the answer.As I hope to use this in the future a sum of 260 usd is available for a suitable knockout punch.

        Thanks for the offer of help and hope the info is sufficient.


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          Usually for such a small quantity, they dont entertain the idea.


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            How about a square 28.3mm punch, RS components seem to have them, either own brand or greenlee. i'm sure there are others


            you could drill three holes and overlap the pressing operations, i.e. do the outside holes then the middle one should just about align itself.

            you may consider some means of accurate marking out, such as scribing them or a stick on template of some sort.

            or find a local machine shop or sheet metal fabricators who will be able to do it.



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              Originally posted by tommo22 View Post
              Usually for such a small quantity, they dont entertain the idea.
              Sure they will. Our shop would as well as others I have dealt with, I have had 1 to 3 parts cut at a local water jet place with no problem.

              Or just take them to a machine shop and have the holes cut out. Or just a hand plasma cutter and pop the holes. I have cut holes for controls by hand with my plasma cutter many times. A straightedge will make nice cuts.


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                Drill corners and cut with a jigsaw? Maybe even a Rotozip-type tool? Use a rubber gasket or overlay to make it pretty?