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  • Barker PM Mill


    I just purchased a Barker model PM mill and I was wondering what modifications people have made to this mill.

    I would also like to know what people think of this mill.

    Thanks for the info and photos coming soon.

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    Awhile ago I owned several of them as production machines. Levers instead of hand wheels. I do know thyat Barker made hand wheels dials and screws for all axis.
    Thay made two sizes.
    They were very well made for what they were for. Light duty horizontal production mills.


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      What I'm working on is setting-up dial indicators on all 3 axis with stops. That should allow me to make very repeatable movements. How did you like the levers for milling over hand wheels? Thanks for replying!


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        I had a production shop so the machines were usually set up for just one operation That had to be repeated thousands of times. So I had dials on the Z axis and on the Y axis and only the X axis had a lever. I'm assuming you're not going to be doing production work. I think you have much greater control of accuracy with screw. So if I had one today I'd want a screw and dial on every axis.
        They are great little mills.