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AC Gear motor wiring help ???

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  • AC Gear motor wiring help ???

    I bought a couple of AC Gear motors from Surplus Center. These are brand new, never been installed, 115V / 60hz AC reversible gear motors

    They required a 4uf Capacitor that I also bought from Surplus Center

    But they don't work!

    Here is the wiring diagram from the side of the motor:

    And here is how I have it wired:

    The switch is a center off / single pole-double throw. The White wire is the 115V feed for testing.

    My concern is that I have a capacitor wired properly. Let me know what you think.

    Link to gear motor info:

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    Straight forward cap start/run motor, you photo does not show the rest of the wiring.
    Wire it to the diagram without the switch at first to test.
    You have to reverse one winding WRT the other to reverse direction.


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      Figured it out!

      Found this diagram after searching around on Surplus Center

      I DID have the cap wired wrong. Cap goes across the black and red wire...not the brown wire

      Wired it like this now and both motors run perfectly.


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        Thanks Max,

        Yes, I had it a little bass acwards! All fixed now and they run beautifully. Wish I had bought a bunch more of these at $39 each for future projects.


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          As you can see from the dwg, using the dashed line configuration hookup instead reverses the motor, each winding can serve the same purpose, start and run.