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  • software for cnc mill

    I was looking at some cnc mills on the internet. One is from CNC MASTERS. The other one is from MICROKINETICS.
    cnc masters has some software named cnc master software
    microkinetics has one named mill master.

    My question is can I make something with any of their software ? Can I load dxf files and use them to program the mills.

    or should I look to buy a cad cam program and use that. Can anyone suggest software to use on any of these 2 mills?

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    No, you just cant drop in a dxf and expect to start milling. You need to set many variables like spindle speed, tool path type, tool side, depth of cut, etc. This is what CAM is for.

    Autodesk Fusion 360 is a free (for hobbyists, students, and start-ups) cloud based CAD program that also looks to have a pretty decent CAM package built in. When you register you can set up a free license.


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      You also need to ensure that the CAM package you use has a Post Processor for your machine, this is a add-on program that converts the CAM file with the path and tool offsets etc, to the correct commands for your machine.
      Many conform to the Fanuc/Mitsubishi standard but some possess a few differences.


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        I am use to bigger cnc mills with a built in controller and using conversional software. The machines I am looking at for my small shop has some software with them but not sure what can be done with there software. Link to one of them is below.


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          Why this machine? It appears to use the quill for the Z axis which after having run a CNC knee mill for a couple years really sucks. I am very impressed with Tormach for the price. I've looked closely at them at the shows, I use their TTS tooling, and I have their 0xa lathe toolpost and tooling. I think they build a very superior hobby class machine with tons of options. From what I see selling on Ebay they hold their value pretty too.


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            Forgot to mention. Try CamBam for the CAM software. $150 forty uses before you buy, great helpful forum. Just bought a second copy for the machine at work.


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              I have a Tormach PCNC 1100 Series II which uses the Mach III operating system, and as a former owner of a real CNC machine shop I use GibbsCam and Solidworks to program my machine.

              The hobbyist doesn't need to spend as much as I have invested in my software, but it sure makes it easy to do stuff.


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                On the question of programming, it also pays to learn G-code programming, even though you may have a Cam package, an excellent book to use that covers just about all the standard routines is CNC programming by Peter Smid.