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Hadinage VMC 800 II / feeler VMC 800

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  • Hadinage VMC 800 II / feeler VMC 800

    I stopped at the local machine place today and was inquiring about some CNC machines. They salesman said that in the fall he has a customer that will be purchasing some new machines and will retiring a Hardinage VMC 800 II and a Feeler VMC 800.

    He expects these to go for about $10,000.00 each. They are late 90 early 2000's with Fanuc controllers.

    I am basically looking at learning some CNC stuff, drilling multiple holes and pocket machining. Hole interperloation etc.

    With fusion 360 being free for me and the price of this machine way cheaper than buying a new Tormach this may be a goo buy.

    Do any of you have experience with these machines? Their controllers? Pros? cons?

    These machine would probably require the purchase of a rotary phase controller as i don't have 3 phase power at my shop.

    thanks in Advance


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    Those are 2 top of the line machines. Fanuc controls have been around a long time on a lot of machines. Pick the one in the best condition. Both of them are way more rigid than a Tormach. I like Tormach, but these are high quality industrial, several steps up. I have never used Fanuc controls, so can't advise on that. The iron is good though, if not worn out.
    Kansas City area


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      I don't know if you realize just how big those machines are and the power requirements. It will take quite a large rotary phase converter (expensive). Time to do a little research and see if that class machine is something your shop can handle.



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        Hey George,

        Yeah i was looking at their size. Some of it is problamatic, some of it not

        2500 for the move alone. Never mind the room it takes up and the cost of the phase converter. Another 3000 USD ( i quickly looked ). If you add that all up, you come to about 18000.00 to 20000.00. A way better machine than the Tormach but for the same price. However if you have to start replacing cards and drives! Hmm that could really cost you.



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          I have a Yang SMV 1000 Fanuc OMD. Aside for sheetmetal, it is exactly the same machine/and control as hardinge of that era. Made by YangIronworks- Taiwan. Parts have been easy to find not too exspensive like Japan. Wide set rail castings. 3 rollers on each rail, 3 rails on x and y to offset the wide stance. You get every thing that a professional machine comes with: coolant, enclosure , toolchange, 40 taper ( cheap ), common reliable control, usually rigid tapping(peck tap), quality rails, spindle, bearings, BS's. Mine is more stout than the VF3 I run at work but I like the Haas panel better. I would not trade it for 2 new tormachs, no offense to Tormach guys. I would have been happy with a Tormach before. But I usually cut steel. Just have accept the size. Only have to move it once every 10 years. Rolled mine in alone. If you do get it I have most documents and books. I can be found here and at PM same name.