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Sorta OT, but related: Best LED color in daylight

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  • Sorta OT, but related: Best LED color in daylight

    I want to add a digital Tachometer to my tractor. What color is the most discernable to the human eye in bright sunlight? Red? Green? Blue?

    I said it was sorta related as I have to build a mount for the display.

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    Design the mount so direct sunlight won't hit the display, then it won't matter what color the light is. Contrast is also probably more important than color. I'd go with yellow display on a black matte background.

    p.s Protostar flocking would be a good way to reduce reflected light hitting the display.


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      The human eye, in photopic conditions, is most sensitive to the green spectrum.
      The color of the fire fly.

      I wonder why they don't fly during the day? Scotopic visual sensitivity is not so good a match.