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Unimat SL Speed Reduction plate

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  • Unimat SL Speed Reduction plate

    Hi Guys

    I need a blueprint or the dimension of the Unimat SL Speed reduction plate, I want to have one machined as I cannot get one second hand, those available are over priced and even if I purchased it the import duties and tax would kill me, I can have one machined for a fraction of the price if I can get the correct dimensions or plan,any help would be much appreciated!



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    I have looked thru my archives but did not find a dimensioned drawing. The internet has many images of the slow speed attachment - it is basically the standard plate with a supplied (?) extra small pulley/ball bearing - search " unimat sl slow speed". This site shows the slow speed attachment set for lowest speed (155 rpm) - I think. To include the added slow speed - if my memory is correct - only an additional small belt was required. These facts might be enough to figure out the needed spacing.
    There were some books printed - c.1978-80 - about various versions of the Unimat. Laidlaw-Dickson authored one thru MAP (Great Britain) - title unknown. The other author (same publisher), Rex Tingey wrote at least 2 books. In one (Making the Most of the Unimat) he described an improved drive system - that used a flywheel. I don't have full details - just a few scribbled notes. My notes do not suggest that it offered slower speed(s).
    If this is of interest, I can dig deeper into my archives.