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Gun drilling titanium

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  • Gun drilling titanium

    I'm planning on making a lightweight axle out of titanium, roughly 11" long, 680" diameter. Just to be completely out of control, I figured I'd gun drill it.
    Any hints on drilling a .25" or .375 hole all the way through this stuff? I'm worried that as tough as it is to cut, the bit will want to wander all over.

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    pardon my ignorance, but what exactly is gun drilling?

    i've seen the term before, but i've never known what it means.


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      May not be much help but gives a slight thought of one thing to consider (( an untrue (in balance) work piece spinning itself out of round)).

      It also brings a question to my mind;

      if it could be done easily would it help to spin both the work piece (at a slower speed) AND the drill bit to help keep the bore straight?

      I realise that it is "reamed" after it is drilled (for gun barrels) but would it help production for more "non-critical" long holes?

      Just curious


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        even if your reaming or not, Id drill from both ends, that will save you alot of aggravation and will help the wandering problem.IMO


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          I have to say straight-out that I've never drilled Ti. HOWEVER, everything I've read tells me that you have to make sure you have sufficient feed to keep from work-hardening the surface. Just something to keep in mind...


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            save your self a headache and contract out the gun drilling, unless you have $25,000 for a dedicated gun drill, then you have to buy the drill, guide bushing, etc.
            good luck...jim