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Weld or machine?

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  • Weld or machine?

    I am making a threading stop for my old lathe and have one end finished and am trying to decide if I should make the other end the same or if welding would be the simpler way to go.
    The basic piece of raw material is a RR spike. They are free for the picking up and seem to machine freely. If I had a dove tail cutter I would use it, but I don't have one and what I am doing works. Time I have, money is a bit short.

    I hope the pictures show. If not I'll try again

    Thanks for any suggestions, Buzzer John

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    Made a similar one from 1/2" square from a railing and welded on the other end. Just looked the easiest way to go. With a few minutes on a sander all the marks vanished.


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      I've got one for a SB sitting right here in front of me. If it fits, your welcome to it.


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        Thanks CCWKen, sent you an Email.

        Chester, Thanks for the reply, looks like my question may not be needed. If I have to continue the project, I will probably have to machine, as the snow and cold will keep out of the garage. Thats where the buzz box is. The rest of the shop is in the basement where I have a wood stove. Now if I can get to the wood pile I'll be OK.
        Buzzer John


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          Had a great weekend!
          Sorry for the delay.

          Check your email John.


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            Your Email has not arrived. Please try again.
            Thanks, Buzzer John


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              New email sent.

              Here's a copy:
              Yes! The dovetail is about 2.7" on the major and 2.2" on the minor. These are with the clamp snug. The depth (or height) of the dovetail is about 0.550". The through-hole is unthread and about 0.378" in diameter. If it sounds like it'll do the job, send your address. I'll send it out flat-rate USPS priority mail.

              Ken Kopsky (CCWKen)


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                Hey John, is the zip correct?

                USPS labeler kept giving: "Manchester" for 21102.