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Through headstock lathe question

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  • Through headstock lathe question

    First off I'll make it known I'm very new to this, and I apologize for any stupid questions.

    I had another thread asking for advice on machines, and now I have a question regarding through headstock lathes.

    I will need to be able to face off 1" diameter stock that may be up to 24" in length, what shop lathes under $1500 (less the better) can accomodate 1" through headstock operations if any? Are any of the grizzly machines capable of through headstock operations? Anything else you can tell me about through headstock stuff please shoot as I'm looking to learn all I can.

    Thanks again,


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    Any lathe that takes 5C collets can handle 1" through the headstock...slightly more, in fact.
    While truly ancient metalworking lathes had no through-hole, I think any lathe you find that's not a museum piece will have a through-hole in the headstock.
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      That's great news and thanks for the help.


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        A lathe with a 4C collet will also accommodate 1" stock. The hole through the spindle is 1.125+. Some Rockwells, Old Hardinge lathes, & I believe, the 11" South Bend. 4C collets only go up to 3/4 round, but the stock can be held in the lathe chuck. As far as the Asian lathes go, just review the specs.

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        Ed Pacenka


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          The only machine in the price range that I am aware of is the Precision Matthews PM1027 gearhead lathe that shows up on ebay once and awhile at $1495 sold by Matt's Quality Machine Tools out side of Pittsburg. Samuels Machinery in Phillie also sells the same basic lathe along with Busy Bee but I do not know there prices. I really see no reason why the smaller 9/10 x 19/20/22 size lathes coud not be built with a larger bore spindle instead of the too small IMO 3/4"/20mm. True it would require a larger bearing bore and some casting changes but the Asian lathe manufactures are missing an oppurtunity here
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            Most all the Grizzly machines will state what the diameter of the spindle hole is. For instance, the Grizzly 13x40 toolroom model has a 1 3/8" spindle hole which was too small for the work I do. After I ordered a new lathe, I was talking to a friend of mine who owns that particular lathe who told me that he had bored the spindle on it larger with a long boring bar. I wound up with a Kent TRL1340V and have been very well satisfied with it, so far, chambering rifle barrels through the headstock. I chamber a few 1.450" diameter barrels so needed a larger diameter through hole than the 1 3/8" spindle. Since he bored his larger, he can handle 1.450 barrels in his Grizzly.


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              what kind of gun are you putting a 1.45" barrol on??
              Matt in AK


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                I would imagine .338 Lapuas, .50BMG's, and anything else with a high power long range cartridge where a very stiff and heavy barrel is needed for both harmonic rigidity and to reduce the felt recoil by adding extra weight.

                As a matter of interest 1.45" is still not huge, .50's are built with 2" barrels quite frequently as can the mega .338's for really long range heavy rifles.


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                  I would bet some unlimited bench rest guys would be interested in barrels in that range as well...