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    To All:

    G.A. Ewen emailed me with a great idea concerning the next BBS based book: Gift Ideas for the Home Shop Machinist. This would be a collection of projects that would make great gift ideas.

    Before we make any commitments, Neil and I decided it would be a good idea to post the idea first and get some comments. We'd also like to see just what kind of project ideas are out there. What have you built in the past, and would you be able to write up a quick description and get some photos?

    I think the format for the book would be similar to the tipsbook. The text doesn't have to be long, but enough for the reader to know what he/she is making. Also, I think photos would be a necessity for this book.

    Again, this book is not guaranteed to be made. We're just kicking around an idea and trying to get some feedback.

    Thank you in advance, and a big thank you goes out to G.A. Ewen for dropping the idea in my lap.


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    sounds like a great idea, unfortunatly for me never having owned a lathe or mill I cant help much with ideas, but I want to learn
    Matt in AK


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      It sounds like a good idea.

      I'd like to see something like that broken down by say est. time to complete / est. costs involved. A skill level indicator would be great too.

      You know, like:
      Weekender, month, got a year
      Under $20, $50, $100, finance it
      Beginner, Intermediate, Toolmaker



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        Sounds like a good idea. Some category ideas: Decorative, Kitchen Gadgets, Home Improvement (i.e., the gift is one of those "honey-do" projects), Toys, Domestic Tooling (vacuum cleaner add-ons, back scratchers, tools for the kitchen toolbox...)

        Anyone ever thought about tools that really should be in the kitchen? Like, a combination drain swizzler/garbage disposal pry bar, coconut cracker, cookie caliper...
        I bet the minds on this board could come up with some simple tools that would be highly useful in the kitchen.


        Jeff E.


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          The torch-template cutter I am working on. You could trace a paper design with a stylus, or let it run around a template, or add the "cheapie" cnc positioner. If someone would come up with cheap machinery made from cut patterns, see there..

          First you get a cow, then butcher it, the start a fire, then shovel the coals into the grill, then lay the careful cut steaks on the grill.. Each thing starts with another thing being done.

          With this crew around here, from spaceships to model engines. Engineers to teachers, and biker rednecks from Georgia too.. Really want to start a fight? throw in some gunsmithing and international trade politics.


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            A cane could be a good gift project, either out of hard plastic or two piece wood one. A man at work has one made out of four interlocking segments with a bungie cord running down the middle. You pull the segments apart and fold them side by side for storage, but when you need it you just slip it out of the case and the bungie pulls the pieces into line and they interlock.


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              Not sure this fits the concept, but Mike suggested I submit it, so hre is the thread:


              I suppose I could draw them up (kind of machined them on the run, may be a contributing factor to warts).

              I guess, email m if interested.



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                Where's the A-frame? About a hundred or so people have moved machines on this bbs. Including me. That should have been in the tips book.

                I have a a-frame from hades now thou. Ten foot tall, hydraulic driven wheels. I plan on installing a lighter ibeam than it had on top thou.

                Then, one to take down and move with my engine hoist? There was one posted with drawings and measurements. Them dollies I built are rusty now from neglect.

                ALSO whilst we are digging, 120 volt motors, description of "how they work" and how to change the wiring on said, reversal, 220/120 change, 3 phase motors different types, wiring hookup. Also a hundred questions.

                Forrest should be able to write all that up in plain english as opposed to my hillbilly biker slang. There have been schematics posted here.



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                  If I, or John Stevenson, or cfoster, or anyone else posts a plan on here, does it belong to HSM?

                  Does HSM need the posters permission to use
                  it in a book?

                  My employer owns every thing I do mind, body, and first born child..

                  Just curious what the situation is?

                  Maybe you guys could sell your plans like others have in the past.

                  HSM, LIVE STEAM, and the other magizines's are full of little ads like that.

                  Good fun retirement income to add to your Social Security "lockbox" (as Al Gore described it) full of I.O.U.'s.



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                    Kap, it was apparent in the last post. Materiel posted on website is the property of Village press.

                    Yes, selling plans works. the most profitable income there is on ebay, selling information. I have things I sell. I sold about 500 plans on homebuilt cnc. Now outdated.. and about 50 sets of "how I built a harley for less than $6000" and... I see people selling old HSM plans on there NOW...

                    I also like to help my friends. I feel to belong to a sometimes unruly but acceptable group here.



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                      Village Press doesn't automatically own anything that's posted on the BBS. We couldn't just take anything off the web and use it as we wish. It just wouldn't be ethical.



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                        David, Craig,

                        Just curious about the implications.
                        I guess you guys have to work that out.

                        Is it ethical to sell something I posted here? Or does it belong to Village press too?

                        What agreement did Rudy, and others have to handle their work?



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                          Nothing you post here belongs to us. You can use it as you wish. There is nothing wrong with posting some plans here, then deciding to sell them later.

                          As for our magazine authors, we purchase North American First Serial Rights (NAFSR). This allows us one-time publishing rights. Upon publication, all rights revert back to author.



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                            Thanks for the info.


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                              No problem

                              If you have anymore questions, feel free to drop me an Email. We have an Author's Guide that explains the authors' arrangements in much more detail. If you'd like, I could pass it on to you.